Water cutting table

A water cutting table is used as the substructure or surface for cutting gantries in the area of plasma torch cutting, water jet cutting as well as for combined water jet-plasma cutting. Its field of application is also in cutting processes that do not involve metalworking, such as sawing plants for stone.


• Corrugated grate under the cutting supports prevents small flame-cut parts getting into the tank
• Dispensing with suction extraction so lower energy requirements
• No dust pollution
• No manual cleaning required
• Longer service lives of the cutting support

Water cutting tableWater cutting table

Mode of function

The water level in this table system can be controlled fully automatically if required using internal air tanks. An integrated scraper outfeed transports cut parts and abrasive out at the front of the cutting table completely by means of a riser section during the cutting process. Deposits on the base of the pan are prevented by this self-cleaning system.

Water cutting tableWater cutting table


Optionally, a mechanical lifting device makes it possible to lift and lower two cutting supports automatically, separately from one another. While the cutting process is taking place on one support, the material can be unloaded and loaded on the other support. Logistics such as this in the cutting process reduce the preparation and follow-up times.

In addition, an intermittent function and night time setting are available so as to automate and optimise the conveying process.

The standard power varies from 0.75 kW depending on the size and configuration of the basin. A hollow pin chain with pitch 63 is used as the chain. Water level control of approx. 80 mm is possible in order to ensure that the thickest possible sheets are cut underwater. The size of the cutting table support can be selected with widths between 1.5 and 3 m and lengths between 4 and 10 m.

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